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Ten Simple Things that Others Can Do to Help Lighten Your Load as a Caregiver

One common mistake customers make is politely refusing help when someone offers because they're tired, overwhelmed, or simply don't have the strength to think of a task that would help. Here's a tip: If someone asks you how they can help, tell them! Create your “village” so that you get the support you need. See below for ideas to help create a list of simple things that others can do to help lighten your load and meet your loved one's needs.

Make a meal/ assist with food preparation-

Your village can help by bringing a meal once a week so that you aren’t preoccupied with cooking every day, they can order meals and have the delivered to your home, or they can stop by and cut up fruits and veggies for you and your loved one to easily grab and snack on throughout the day

Grocery shopping -

Your village can help by getting items from the store or ordering items online to shipped or picked up

Organizing/cleaning the pantry and refrigerator-

Your village can help to organize so that expired food can be properly disposed of and items that you use often are within reach


Your village can provide friendship to your loved one by stopping by for an hour to color, sing, put together a puzzle, or take a walk outdoors. This will give you time to take care of your personal needs so that you are best prepared to care for your loved one

Light Housekeeping-

Your village can stop by once a week to help take the trash out, dust ceiling fans, change the linens, etc.


Your village can help to launder/ fold and put away linens, towels, and other items that are cleaned regularly.

Lawn care-

Your village can volunteer to cut the lawn every 2 weeks or trim the hedges as needed when the seasons change


Your village can help to change light bulbs, replace batteries, fix squeaky doors and handles, etc.

Transportation to doctor’s appointments, etc.-

Your village can volunteer to assist in transporting you and/or your loved one to and from the doctor so that you don’t have to worry about finding a parking space, etc.


Your Village can sing or play a recording of your loved one’s favorite song, bring their favorite movie, or provide puzzles, coloring pages, and anything else that supports their favorite hobby.

Those that want to support you in your care giving journey make up your village. With a little teamwork and planning, care giving can be easier for everyone involved!

By Brittany Stephens 7/14/2020

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